Three Questions To Ask When Contacting A Bankruptcy Law Firm

Having a trusted attorney at your side during financial restructuring or bankruptcy can make an overwhelming and stressful experience seem less chaotic and more manageable. Additionally, choosing an experienced bankruptcy lawyer may ensure that your questions are answered and that you feel confident in your legal representation.

When evaluating choices for bankruptcy lawyers in St. Louis, it’s important to ask questions at the onset of the relationship to help you make an informed decision on appropriate representation, like:

    1. Is the person I’m initially meeting with to discuss my case a lawyer? In many firms, it’s a common practice to meet with support or business development staff when making initial contact. However, when you need to receive legal analysis on your financial restructuring and bankruptcy options, such as whether or not you qualify for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, it’s critical to discuss this with a licensed attorney. Confirm the attorney you’ll be meeting with prior to your first consultation.

    1. What is your experience with bankruptcy law? Bankruptcy filings should not be taken lightly. Begin by asking for information on the firm’s experiences or resources regarding bankruptcy cases. Also ask the attorney you meet with about his or her previous experience handling bankruptcy cases, particularly ones that relate to your personal, business, or institutional concerns. Use the initial conversation with the firm to assess the level of experience the firm may have, as well as your comfort level with the answers provided.

  1. How much are your fees and how will you be paid? Will there be any additional fees? Depending on the firm you choose, you may have the ability to make payments or you may need to pay all fees in full prior to the filing of your case. In either case, it’s a good practice to establish an understanding of payment terms prior to moving forward with any legal relationship to ensure that it fits your particular financial situation.

Carmody MacDonald’s team of financial restructuring and bankruptcy lawyers in St. Louis is prepared to review your case questions with you to ensure that you feel at ease when exploring financial restructuring or bankruptcy as an option for your financial situation. To schedule a consultation with our attorneys, please contact us.

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