Diversity and inclusion are core values at Carmody MacDonald. We believe being a responsible corporate citizen includes supporting initiatives that create not only diversity in the legal community, but also supports the diversity of St. Louis and surrounding communities. We appreciate the differing backgrounds that each person brings to the table, which in turn leads to new ideas, experiences, innovation, perspectives, and communication. It is through this diversity and inclusion that we are led to a diversity of thought that creates the best outcomes for our clients, our employees, and make us the best firm we can be.

The Carmody MacDonald Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Carmody MacDonald’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee is comprised of four co-chairs from each practice group, as well as Committee members representative of the entire firm, including attorneys, legal assistants, paralegals and administrative staff. The Committee meets on a regular basis to identify and address diversity and inclusion objectives both in the workplace and in the community. Currently, the Committee and its sub-committees are working on issues regarding diversity training, community involvement, recruitment and retention, and organizational membership.

Affinity Groups and Professional Development

Our employees at Carmody MacDonald cultivate their relationships with the legal community of our region with organizations associated with professionals of various backgrounds and affinities, in order to ensure that we are aware of issues of concern to lawyers in our community pertaining to inclusion and equal opportunity in the legal profession, as well as equality of treatment for all who are affected by our system of justice and judicial procedure. We regularly bring in internal, regional, and national speakers to make sure we remain fully apprised of issues related to inherent bias. Our employees are currently members of the numerous organizations which support and foster diversity.

Opportunities for Service

We remain committed to giving back to our community. We are a dedicated provider of pro bono services to Legal Services of Missouri, Volunteer Lawyers Program. In addition, we have partnered with numerous organizations through financial support and volunteer efforts. Professional development and volunteerism are key parts of our culture to make a positive impact.

Carmody MacDonald is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering a work environment that is inclusive of all employees, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation.