Startups Need A Trusted Corporate Law Firm

Entrepreneurship can be an exciting and rewarding journey. Starting a business, solving a key industry problem, or developing an invention can offer a new pathway for you and your partners. However, when forming a new startup business or company, it is critical to consult with a trusted attorney on what legal considerations are essential to your operations, funding, products, services, or employees.

Carmody MacDonald is one of the top corporate law firms in Missouri that can help either a new or established business with both common and complex legal concerns. Needs can vary widely depending on each startup organization, but in most cases, it is best to discuss legal options with an attorney when your startup:

  • Begins formation, as the choice of entity will be a key decision in your startup’s path
  • Has intellectual property involved, as IP may be key to your business operations and should be protected
  • Expands staff, requiring the development of employment agreements, consulting agreements, or other contracts
  • Receives angel investment or seed funding, as many investment-related agreements can be extremely complex

These are just a few of the common startup scenarios that may require additional support from a trusted corporate law firm. Whether your company is at its beginnings and needs legal advice on formation and choice of entity or is more established and is looking to take on venture capital, choose a corporate law firm that can protect and represent your legal interests while giving you the legal support you need to grow. Learn more or contact us today at

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