Hot Topic – The Expiry Of LIBOR

By Angela L. Drumm

September 6, 2017

• Give me the Summary:

LIBOR – the London interbank offered rate – is set to expire (or transition to an alternative benchmark) in 2021. The LIBOR panel banks and regulators feel that LIBOR is merely an average of expert guesses, and they want to find a replacement index that is based on actual borrowing costs.

• What does this mean for me?

LIBOR is used for trillions of dollars of contracts, including a sizable percentage of loans documented in and around St. Louis, Missouri. Current loan documents should be reviewed and amended, as needed, to confirm that the lender can select a “comparable” or “alternative” replacement index in the event LIBOR is no longer available or becomes illegal. Further, lenders should closely evaluate the risk of continuing to base new loans on LIBOR (even if the loans will mature prior to 2021) and determine if they should instead use a non-LIBOR index. When alterative indexes are used, the appropriate adjustments should be made to the applicable margins to ensure substantially similar loan pricing.

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